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Upgrade to Full Fibre 900 from 100 not consistent


Recently upgraded from Full Fibre 100, to 900.

Worked in IT for 3 decades so understand that this will not give me 900Mbps to each device, but not happy with the lack of speed and especially consistency on all my devices.

Next to the router I have 5GHz WiFi connected devices running at a max of about 300Mbps. Older 2.4Ghz devices however less than 10Mbps max. Gigabit Powerline connected PCs maxing about 120Mbps. 

The worst thing though is the inconsistency after the upgrade. Sometimes it's ok for a day or so, then we max at about 20-40Mbps across the board. In addition I get occasional clicking from the Hub.

This can only be resolved with a reboot. Then. Day or two later, gave to do this again. What's all this Hub clicking about?

Have checked local broadcast channels, and all looks fine. No houses broadcasting on same channels as us.

Just seems router based issue to me. The performance upgrade is not really there to me, and consistency is not there.

Any ideas?



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Re: Upgrade to Full Fibre 900 from 100 not consistent

Wifi speed will be dependent on the device you are using and out of BT's control. Also the same with powerline adapters. Though you don't mention about testing a direct ethernet connection to the hub, maybe try that?

As for the clicking noise, that's perfectly normal as the smarthub has a modem inside and as it's not used on full fibre you can hear the clicks from the modem sometimes. If you find it annoying then you can get a 3rd party router to use instead 

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