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"Complete" WiFi - even worse now?

Ever since the latest update on 7th November (disk f/w, SH2 v0.41.00.07076-BT), I have almost daily problems with "complete" WiFi.

Before this update is was pretty stable...occasionally  needed to power cycle SH2, each disk etc, but since the update this is becoming an almost daily occurrence (twice so far today).

I live in an old house. SH2 on the 2nd floor, 1 x disk between floor 2 and 1 and then 3 disks on the ground floor. Based on signal strength, I would expect the ground floor disks to connect to the mid-floor disk. However, at what appears to be random (ie nothing changes), they decide to reconfigure themselves to try and connect directly - even though poor signal strength / 2.4Ghz connection. I've even just put an ethernet cable in the mid floor disk - but they still insist on going direct on a weak / 2.4GHz connection.

Before I moved to BT, I used TP-Link Deco - and NEVER had a problem with them, luckily, my BT contract is up in December, so will be moving on at this rate as I find I am spending more and more time trying to get WiFi to work / remain working.

Anyone else noticed anything since 7th November update?



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Re: "Complete" WiFi - even worse now?

OK - after checking similar issues and trying fixes, I think I've discovered the cause - or rather I've done something that seemed to fix it!

After a couple of reboots / power cycles, the problems was worse than ever whereby a disk wouldn't maintain connectivity to anything for more than a couple of minutes. The disks are where they've been for 2 years.

I went through and cleared out devices that are no longer connected in SH2 (having seen a similar post saying a factory reset solved it due to number of devices?) - I didn't want to factory reset and go through setting up 4 disks again, so tried the remove. Since then (fingers crossed), the setup seems to be stable.

If this is a known problem, couldn't it be fixed in software? If there is a limit to how many devices can be registered before it causes WiFi problems - why not clear them out?


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