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Sure, here's the improved version of your post in English:

Hello everyone,

Recently, I've had a discussion with some BT technicians regarding the use of VPNs with their lines. They've stated that VPNs are not supported and that they might even block internet access for customers using them. I'm not sure if this information is accurate, but I'm considering a simpler solution: if I were to purchase a new modem that supports VPNs, would it solve the problem?

I would greatly appreciate any advice or experiences you can share on this matter.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: vpn

When they say that VPNs aren't supported, it simply means that BT cannot help with any problems with a VPN. It doesn't mean you can't use a VPN.

Many people use VPNs with BT without any problems, however, it does seem to cause problems with email occasionally.

How you implement a VPN is entirely up to you.

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Re: vpn

When BT state they do not support various things such as email clients or in this VPNs it does not mean that you can not use them.

What it means is that should you have a problem while using them BT can not offer any help/support in resolving the problem because they have no access to the workings of another company's VPN programs and as such can not determine what a problem with the VPN can be.

VPN use IP addresses that are not allocated by BT so if there is a problem with the IP address that your VPN allocates to you, this could be on a blacklist which is used by BT and as such it would be blocked and therefore prevent you getting Internet access.

If that does happen the usually remedy is to disconnect from the VPN and reconnect and the VPN will usually issue a new IP address and that hopefully will not be blacklisted.

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Re: vpn

ok I think I understand what you're telling me, but the other question, is it preferable to change modem?

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Re: vpn

Only you can decide that. It will be you that is using it and only you know what your needs are and why you want to use a VPN.

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Re: vpn

A different router (modem is the wrong term) will not help or hinder it will just be a method of implementing a VPN. As said previously, method of implementation is irrelevant.