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Cut off end of replays

So signed up for BTSports last month as my son wanted to watch the WWE catchup shows next day as they are on too late for him.

In the last month 4 of the shows have the last match cut off and missing the last 10 minutes or so.

Latest example he wanted to watch the NXT from yesterday and when you watch the catchup

Watch: WWE NXT - 18/07/23 | NXT | BT Sport

It cuts to the last add break (As expected) and then shows some random football match, then when it is about to continue with the show it shows about 10 seconds and the stream ends.

Cancelled sub now as paying over £30 and you cut off the main event lol

Please fix your streams.

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Re: Cut off end of replays

Hi, @darkbacon I'm really sorry the last part of the WWE replays on catch-up are ending early.

@DarrenDev are you able to raise this?



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Re: Cut off end of replays

Unfortunately this was a broadcast error I'm afraid - an unscheduled episode of Goals Reload was broadcast on TNT Sports 1 over the top of the WWE event.
I've asked for comment on what went wrong, and whether it's possible to obtain the original event footage.
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Re: Cut off end of replays

OK, so I'm told that the event was shown in full - the last match (Dominic Mysterio) was shown before it cut to the football (which was used as a filler until the next scheduled programme).
So the only issue is that the replay kept on playing for 20 minutes longer than it should. I've asked if it can be trimmed to prevent confusion.
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Re: Cut off end of replays



In the same subject, virtually all the NBA games on catch up are not complete at the moment. Most cut out before the end, sometimes with seconds remaining in a gripping game! This is frustrating. It’s been going on for weeks now and it’s the same problem over and over. In the last couple of weeks I have had 3or 4 tight games when the stream stops minutes before the end of the game. Could you please have a look? Today, the Pacers v Boston stopped with seconds remaining and it was a 3 point game!! 

thank you 

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