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Error IPC6023

Things have moved on slightly from the previous issue and now getting the above error which I believe is multicast packets getting lost. I cant see anything further it could be on my lan side so wondering if there is any possibility the issue is external - can anyone advise.


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Re: Error IPC6023

Hi @mvnick welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm sorry to see you're experiencing problems with your BT TV service.

Follow these steps to try and fix these IPC623 errors:


  • Check you have a working broadband connection on another piece of equipment like a laptop or PC. Extra TV channels are delivered using your broadband. If your broadband isn't working please use our broadband troubleshooting wizard


 Broadband troubleshooting wizard

  1. If you've got a connection, your broadband speed may not be fast enough to receive these channels - Test your speed
  2. If your download speed is below 5mbps then you may have a broadband speed fault
  3. If broadband is working and is fast enough then check the connection between your Hub and TV box. It should be connected with an ethernet cable rather than powerline adapters
  4. If you still see the error message then try restarting your equipment by following these steps:
    • First, restart your Hub
    • Wait for the broadband light on your Hub to go blue
    • Restart your TV box, using the power switch on the back
    • Now check if you still receive the error
  5. If you're watching an HD version of a channel, switch to the standard version, i.e., BT Sport 1 instead of BT Sport 1 HD
  6. If you are still seeing this error then please contact the BT TV Helpdesk >



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