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Now Tv

I have the recent Now Tv and netflix offer. When I log into the Now tv account they are offering me movies and boost for very reduced payments. Can you take these offers up or not ?? Or do you have to pay the full amount through BT ?


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Re: Now Tv

Check your billing details in your NowTV account because it sounds like you are logged into the wrong account. It should say "Billed by BT" or something similar as you shouldn't be getting direct offers from NowTV as these can't be used when billed through BT

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Re: Now Tv

We’ve also recently taken up the same offer. We are billed by BT, but when we logon to our account through NOW it doesn’t stop them from giving us offers that we are unable to take up as we are billed through a third  party. This is clearly a fault on the part of NOW if they are unable to distinguish between customers who are billed through a third party. I’m clear that any changes that we want to make have to be done via MyBT. We’ve currently got an offer for Sky Sports for £20 per month sitting in our NOW account but it’s not available to us.

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Re: Now Tv

I agree with you @Brucemeister5 

I have the Big Sport package with HD/UHD add-on billed through BT. If I log-in to Manage account on the NOW website and go to Your Membership:

- NOW Boost is listed (Purchased via BT TV, Manage on BT);

- NOW Sky Sport Month Membership is listed (Purchased via BT TV, Manage on BT).

So all correct, but then

- I also see NOW Boost listed under You might also like 

- If I click on Offers, I see NOW Sky Sport Month membership for £20pm for 3 months, NOW Boost £3pm for 3 months.

I have NOW Contact preferences set to off so don't know if people are also being emailed these NOW offers.

You can see why new BT TV customers get confused. NOW should really sort things out.

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