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Changing to Fibre

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With BT providing Broadband FTTC then copper to my property I am getting average Download speeds of 46Mbs and Upload speeds of 13Mps. Which is about ‘Par for the course’.

Trooli have now installed Fibre to an adjacent street chamber and are offering to connect to the house FTTP for free and guaranteeing 300Mbps DOWNLOAD & 100Mbps UPLOAD. So then there is very little reason to stay with BT.

My BT contract comes up for renewal in Mid February 2023 and Trooli are currently saying that a connection to my property by mid January 2023.

However initially several things concern me, for which I invite comment.

  1. I would like to keep my BT landline Number and understand that possible using VOIP.

  2. I believe that I and others that I have previously gifted can keep our email addresses. However I cannot determine how I do that as the BT website says ‘If you're leaving BT Broadband and want to get Basic email, you need to order it when cancelling your broadband. You can't make a direct switch later.’ Is this true today (22nd Dec 2022)? There are several conflicting replies in other questions on here, how can I check that it is possible before making the final move from BT?

  3. If I do manage to retain these email address is there a time limit or will they last forever?

Thanks in advance.



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Re: Changing to Fibre

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Hi, @colpatben Thanks for posting, I'm sorry to see you're thinking about leaving BT.

With regards to keeping your number, you'll need to speak with your chosen provider to see if they can provide that as part of the broadband service they offer or something you will need to organise separately. 

Your BT Email will cease after 60 days unless you contact us and request Basic (free) or Premium mail at £7.50 per month. You'll need to speak with the cancellations team on 0800 783 1401 to make arrangements to keep your email after leaving.



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Re: Changing to Fibre

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Thanks for the reply especially with regard to calling the cancellation team to retain my email address.

I will be sorry to leave but with only a third-party fibre provider in my area and poor quality noisy copper my choices are limited.

Merry Christmas.