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BT essentials

My brother has left home and cancelled his Talk Talk broadband. My Mom is now on her own and should qualify for the BT essentials deal (she is a BT phone customer). Can she apply now? Or does she have to wait until the 30 days (Talk Talk cancellation period) has expired?

She is receiving Universal Credit and the essentials package is significantly cheaper than her current seperate calls and broadband bills. 

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Re: BT essentials

You say you mother has just phone but then say essential cheaper than her current phone and broadband can you clarify?

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Re: BT essentials

Hi, to clarify, she is a BT phone calls only customer. Wifi package was via Talk Talk. She pays approx £33 a month for calls and my brother paid the wifi bill of approx £20 a month. Due to a change in circumstances, he has cancelled the wifi as he has moved out of her house. She needs to get a wifi package of her own and as she has just qualified for Universal credit i can see that she could get calls and wifi (via BT essentials) for just £15 a month. This is obviously a big saving for her but as the Talk Talk wifi is still connected until 10th December, could she still order the BT essentials package or should she wait until after that date?

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Re: BT essentials

Hi @redsky1977 welcome to the community and thanks for posting, if there is currently an order to stop the broadband with Talk Talk then you're Mum will unfortunately need to wait until that has completed before she can place an order with BT to get connected. 



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Re: BT essentials

Thanks, I’ll let her know. 

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