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Dropping Connection



First time user on this board so apologies if repost. 

I have BT fibre and Smarthub Type A since around Christmas my connection drops completely. At first I was simply just annoyed. It happened 3/4 times a week. Whether it was on PS4, iPhone or Netflix on the Smart TV. 

I used the forums then and did the usual tests: resetting the hub, quiet line test, changing the channels on the hub itself. This would usually help solve the issue for around a week.

I noticed something strange though. When this happened if I was playing online on my PS4 with my friends, I would be booted from the match, and I would get a notification from the console saying “No party chat available” and “No network detected”. Strangely though, 30 seconds into this notification, my friend realising that I was not speaking would ask “Mike, where are you? Are you still there?”. This has happened several times. I don’t understand at all. 

To reconnect I have to use the consoles network testing setting and will reconnect straight away. I just don’t understand why I can hear my friend continuing to talk, after I have allegedly been disconnected, and removed from the game and party. He can’t hear me, but I can certainly hear him. 

I tried to explain this to BT but their help service is quite the opposite. They told me today that within the last week they have identified a fault on my line and will be repaired by end of September. When I said that this had been happening for longer they weren’t interested and that I needed to wait for the line to be fixed before continuing to report faults. 

Any thoughts or help?

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