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Re: Fttp upload speed

It seems to be a real problem with multiple people suffering. It has been reported as a Smarthub software issue, but that would mean the smarthub is responsible for the speed profile which would seem odd.

When I had FTTP installed, it initially was fixed at 50mpbs upload, then the router went down for a reboot and came back after a firmware update at 150mbps.
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Re: Fttp upload speed

It must be something in the smart hub though, others seem to say if you remove the smart hub and use your own WiFi Access point then its fine.  Hopefully one of the mod team will pick this up and resolve it like they did before. 

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Re: Fttp upload speed

Hi @Blinky2134 I'm sorry about that, I'll let @StuartH know you've posted.



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Re: Fttp upload speed

It begs the question, if you sign up to the 100mbps service on FTTP and use your own router to connect to the ONT, would you get 900mbps ?
Can't see that being something BT/OR would miss.
I use a TL-R605 which works perfectly so the ONT presents a WAN port.

I wonder if its the ONT ?
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Re: Fttp upload speed

Apparently not, so looks like the open reach modem is where the speed is set but there is some router setting that caps us at 50mbps. Once again, thanks to the team on here, I’m sorted with my upload speed though

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Re: Fttp upload speed

Could do with someone on the slower provisioned line trying a third party router then. But I bet it would still run at the lower speed.

Just been reading the specification for WDM PON. It states "The OLT is responsible for allocating upstream bandwidth to the ONT"
Partly to manage possible transmission collisions between ONT's on the multiplexed upstream.
Something called physical layer operations, administrations and maintenance PLOAM messages.
Will investigate further 🙂

Ah !. When an ONT is powered up the head end uses PLOAM message to provision the ONU with a profile. This would indicate its the ONT ? 

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Re: Fttp upload speed


If it helps, when I first had 900 installed, I was getting 900/50 on the SH2.

I did also try a TP Link Deco M9 connected directly to the ONT and was getting 900/110. Switch back to the SH2 and straight back to 900/50. Did this back and forth a few times and was very consistently the same results.

Called BT and they said they would "change something within my profile" and after that, it was fine at 900/110 for a while. Then the FTTP decided to completely stop working, but that's a different story altogether.

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Re: Fttp upload speed

Well, that answers that.
Cheers 🙂
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