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Re: Neighbour has fibre I can't

Hi Licquorice,

This is what I get. It's pretty much the same as before. Thank you for your response.

Screenshot 2021-12-28 at 11.30.23.jpg

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Re: Neighbour has fibre I can't

At least it is consistent with the number checker.

You need to call the FTTP team on 0800 587 4787 as @imjolly  suggested and get them to raise an ORDI request with Openreach to get their database integrity checked if they can't offer any other reason why you are unable to get FTTP when your immediate neighbour can.

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Re: Neighbour has fibre I can't

Hi Licquorice!

Oh bless you, BLESS YOU! I will give this a try and post the results on this board!

A millstone seems to have lifted from my shoulders after all this time.

Have a wonderful New Year and thank you ever so much for this.

Kind regards.

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Re: Neighbour has fibre I can't

Hi @Nuketamilnadu,

Please post back and let us know how you get on with the Fibre Team?

If you need help I will be able to raise the ORDI request to get the database integrity checked.



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Re: Full fibre broadband

Possibly missed being assigned a NAD Key when the area was Surveyed.

When a PON is Surveyed by Openreach or one of its Contractors each address is assigned a NAD Key against a specified PON. Sometimes they can be missed by either human or an IT error.

As stated get BT to raise an ORDI and if it is a NAD Key Error it’ll be picked up then.

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Re: Full fibre broadband

Another one I've seen is if the property has changed it's address or there are 2 similar address registered for the property.

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Re: Neighbour has fibre I can't

Many thanks, PaddyB!
No-one in at BT today so it'll be tomorrow after 10am. (I have a multiply disabled son who's at home at the moment so my time is stretched). I'll see where they go with it but I'll def come back to you for the ORDI request if it all stops again. What does ORDI stand for, please? OpenReach....?
Many thanks, once again.
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Re: Neighbour has fibre I can't

Openreach Data Integrity

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Re: Neighbour has fibre I can't

Thanks, Licquorice!
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Re: Neighbour has fibre I can't

Hi Licquorice!

Finally!!! We're getting somewhere. I spoke to a BT person on the 0800 150 number today who suggested that I get put through to the Fibre Connections Department (I didn't even know one existed). I spoke to a VERY helpful young man who has gone through what details of this case he has got - which, actually, wasn't that many for some reason. He checked the OR database that he has access to against my personal information and deduced that there can't be a data error with OR - as both sets of data equate perfectly. He did, however, notice that 'a note' had been sent to a single point of receipt at OR asking generally about my connection. The trail stopped cold at that point. The young man then did some 'behind the scenes' searching on the distribution point that serves my neighbours and concluded that there is a capacity issue with the spur that distributes the fibre itself to the properties. This, apparently, has been a 'known issue' by OpenReach for a long time. It may be that a couple of the ports on the spur are dysfunctional because he has a strange number of working ports registered to all of my neighbours (10 instead of 12). He alluded to the possibility that someone at BT - by now - should have chased this up ages ago! Bottom line is that this young man has promised to ring me early in the New Year with a progress report on how things are going and has promised to chase OR up hard if he doesn't hear anything soon. He did agree with me that for this issue to have lain uninvestigated for 5 years was totally unacceptable! So it looks like it's a fibre technical issue! What did NOT surprise me was that nowhere in the write-up on my account did he find any evidence that any prior BT person to whom I had spoken had gone anywhere near addressing the disparity between why my neighbours have FTTP and I don't. Everyone up to this point has assumed it to be an infrastructure issue. At last I feel that someone is taking this seriously. I will update this post early in the New Year when I hear back from the young man in person. Have a lovely New Year period and watch this space.

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