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Intermittent Fault

I have ann intermittent fault. When the issue occurs speed will drop from 45mb to about 10mb (on a speedtest) and latency will massively increase. Typically we are connected with about 8 to 12ms ping. When this issue occurs ( which is becoming more frequent) the ping jumps up to 250 to 350ms.

I did all the normal stuff of testing from the master etc and also ran there BTW speedtest. This dropped us just below the minimum speed threshold and an SFI engineer was booked for today.

I have just had text saying "your service should be back too normal". I was told the engineer had to come in the house as a test was required from the master. I have looked at my stats and the router has remained connected. My question being - has anything actually been done? We can see the pits in our road and nobody from OR has been near them. If anything was done at the cabinet I would have expected a drop in service even. I appreciate that there is a need to keep people safe and a reluctance to have people in houses etc. I totally get that. But I am left feeling that actually nothing has been done to fix our issue. So my question to someone on her who may know - should I have seen a drop in service on the router if an SFI engineer had actually done anything?

I can have posted up the router stats, but right now they don't show anything obvious as the issue is not present. Even when we do have an issue the stats are not affected (no loss of service and no jumps in attenuation etc)


Many thanks.

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Re: Intermittent Fault

looks like a good solid connection with actual at attainable speed with G.INP active giving lower noise margin at 3.2db and higher connection speed

there is no guarantee on download/throughput speed.  all speeds quoted are connection speeds to the router

run btspeedtester when speed appears to be ok and then again when there is a problem.  does it happen daily and if so at any specific time

did you check your line for noise by doing quiet line test?

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Re: Intermittent Fault

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Yes I've done the quiet line test and that was fine.

I have a BTW test from when the line was ok. This one dropped below the threshold. I struggle with the concept of saying that if the connection speed to the hub is ok everything is fine when a test demonstrates the speed is unachievable. I appreciate that's BT logic rather than yours.

There is no regular timing. Day time events are becoming more frequent. I'm 100% working from home and see the call quality indicators regularly go red on my Skype calls. Evening events are increasing to 3 to 4 times a day. I don't see this but my son kicks off as he can't game and just gives up. I did ask if it could be a routing/congestion issue but that was either not understood or the guy on the line didn't even want to entertain it.

I would still like to know if anything has actually been done. With no drop in service I do feel like a simple line test has been done and the fault had been closed. Or nothing has been done at all.

Once again thanks for your help.

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Re: Intermittent Fault

are the problems happening using wireless?  is your son connected with ethernet cable? as I said there is no guaranteed on your download/throughput speed only on connection speed to hub

congestion usually happens at peak time typically 6/11pm and would normally be a daily occurrence 

engineer visit would not normally help with congestion

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Re: Intermittent Fault

The problem is there on both wired and wireless connections.

The BTW speedtest that dropped below the threshold was wired. My lads Xbox is wired.

When it happens we see it directly in the streamed services we watch. Now TV becomes unusable. This is a wired connection from the TV to the hub.

I appreciate an SFI engineer would not fix a congestion issue. When I mentioned congestion on the phone it was just dismissed. I still feel that nothing has been done by an engineer today though. I was told that regardless of what was found the engineer would call to discuss. Following the "Your service should be back to normal now" text I've had no call. It just seems like as an awkward fault it's being ignored/fobbed off. I'd still be interested to know if the router connection should have dropped off any work was actually done to investigate the line....

Thanks again for your input.

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