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No Service

Does everyone who has a fault with Broadband think that the communication between BT and Openreach could be better?
 8 weeks ago I was without Broadband for 20 days. After numerous calls/ texts/ bots I met an engineer in the street who knew what the problem was and once he picked the job up it was fixed in 10 mins!!! 

I’m now going through the same issues and pulling my hair out. You can’t speak to anyone!! 
What other business has no form of communication with its customers.. ? Laughable… 


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Re: No Service

so do you have the same fault as before which the openreach engineer fixed and now not working again?

phone CS 03301234150 and report your fault

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Re: No Service

It isn’t very good , but the reason for this is the regulator Ofcom , they dictated that Openreach have to be a standalone outfit , and that you as a consumer can only liaise with your provider ( BT in your case ) and the provider  deals with the supplier, Openreach….other telcos like Virgin don’t have to operate like this , they are allowed to be an integrated company , but not BT , or anyone else that uses Openreach network.
Years ago , Openreach suggested that in certain circumstances they be allowed to deal directly with consumers, without having to go through the service provider, companies like Sky and Talk Talk rejected that proposal

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Re: No Service

After many hours being fobbed around by both BT and Openreach it finally looks like an engineer is going to attend tomorrow.
I raised a complaint today. Put the full sorry tale in and just had an email back saying my complaint is now closed!!
Computer says no!!
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Re: No Service

I fail to understand why BT are rolling out Full Fibre Broadband across the U.K. when they seem unable to maintain it to an acceptable customer standard. Now been without Full Fibre/Digital Voice for 12 days and so far I have found it impossible to escalate the problem in order to get a resolution. I receive regular promises regarding compensation. I would rather refer to it as a refund as they are just returning my money for a service that they are unable to provide. 

It’s not compensation I’m looking for, I’m looking for a working reliable service and at least some level of acceptable customer care.

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