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Password reset is broken. Again.

I've made this new account to be sble to post this.


Again the Community password reset mechanism  is broken.   On my main account (Denigor777) I chose 'reset password', received the email, and followed the instructions.  It failed, with a red message saying that I didn't have the required permissions to do this.


I can see from other posts this has happened to others.  Each time the mods say they've fixed it, but clearly they haven't fixed the root cause .  If it is not fixable then I suggest putting sone permanent sticky instruction providing some other means for users to get their logins fixed.  Making a new account (which needs a new email too), just to contact mods gor helo, is a pain.





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Re: Password reset is broken. Again.

@denigor7771, I'm really sorry to see you've experienced problems resetting your password, I've sent you a private message as we'll be happy to help. 

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