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Port forwarding.

Hi, l have forwarded some ports on the bt smart hub 2. These are to connect to a gaming server to help with connection issues im facing.

I have tried upnp but it didn't work so had to try manually forwarding the ports myself. 

I have tried checking that the ports are listening when running the application on my local ip : but they always come back as closed.

I have tried this from within my local network and even using an external ip address but same results. 

On website checks it shows my local ip : 81.×××.×××.××× then when I check all ports the are closed. I've also tried dmz but same results. 

Any advise on what I'm doing wrong, thanks in advance 

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Re: Port forwarding.

You don't need port forwarding to connect TO a server, it is only required for connections to your device.

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Re: Port forwarding.

Its my gaming console I'm trying to open the ports on, but I can only do this through the router.
I'm really not too technical with here things so maybe I'm going wrong somewhere. Thanks
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Re: Port forwarding.

Either BT are blocking port forwarding or it doesn't work on my router. Although I've tried it on several. 

I check my router and port 80, 443 and some other are open but no matter what none of the others open.

Please help.

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Re: Port forwarding.

Is anyone able to shed some light on this please or point me in the right direction. Thanks 

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Re: Port forwarding.

Also noticed im NEVER the host, this game is between 2 players and noticed I always have the connecrion disadvantage. Something is seriously wrong with my setup and needs resolving.
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Re: Port forwarding.


Had a lot of fun with my son's SH2 yesterday about this.

You need to tell the hub that the assigned ip address is to be always used and then set up port forwarding for that device with it's now permanently assigned IP address. Then magically you should find the port(s) opened.

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Re: Port forwarding.

Thanks Tim, I have already set up static ip address on playstion for it, I tried to do it on the SH2 but all it says is "always use this ip address" which si auto set to yes due to already doing it on the console. 

Still ports all closed, no idea what more I can do. 

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Re: Port forwarding.

Are you sure the console is expecting incoming connections? If you are not running a server you will only be making outgoing connections.

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Re: Port forwarding.

Almost all game company's and even playstation themselves tell you to forward ports if your having connection issues.

If you are playing a multiplayer game online would that not need ports for outgoing connections? 

I have ran port checking tests while using the console and all ports except the ones above all remain closed. 

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