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Smart Hub Resets

I have a Smart Hub (v1?) running firmware SG4B1000E020. It regularly resets, about once per week and usually between 0000 and 0100. I've never noticed before but it's becoming an issue as we all work from home and do night shifts. The router reset is unpredictable and can cause problems when it happens. Is this normal and something I just need to put up with? Is there a setting that can change this behaviour? The almost weekly nature of it makes me think there may be a setting somewhere but I can't find anything in the router settings that would do this.

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Re: Smart Hub Resets

if your use search facility you will see this happens to quite a few customers some get a reset every 7 days while others it happens every 14 days   there are no settings you can change to stop this.  people did find moving to a third party router helped

I used to get the 14 day reset and I was happy to get it to reset in early hours but used to be during day.  I changed the reset routing by resetting hub at a time convenient to me so regular reset time was changed

Mine after a period of months eventually just stopped and now only resets when I manually reset or firmware update 

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Re: Smart Hub Resets

There does seem to be an issue with that build but I don't know if there is an answer, see :

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Re: Smart Hub Resets

Thanks for that. I kind of expected that I'd have to put up with it. I'll work out the best time and do a manual reset to force the automatic resets to a better time.
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Re: Smart Hub Resets

Cheers V. Hopefully a firmware update comes along sometime soon.