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VC 019 PS5 error

Hi there,

I've been unable to stream live coverage via my PS5 for a couple of weeks. I'm able to watch playback items, but every time I attempt to stream live it comes up with a VC019 error message.

My internet connection is fine, I've hot-spotted my PlayStation to my phone, so we can rule out connection. 

I've done the device checker too which says my connection is fine. I can't stream 4k or HDR but can stream HD - could this be the issue?

It's a frustrating one.

Please let me know your thoughts.

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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

Hi @Mm_9009 welcome to the forum and sorry you are getting this error.

VC019 is a generic code used for most errors that occur during playback across all of our apps. Have a look at: PS5 4K & HDR as this has been raised before.



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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

We're currently investigating why some PS5 devices are seeing the VC019 error. It's not something we've managed to reproduce ourselves, and unfortunately the video player on the PS5 doesn't give us any details about why it failed.
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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

Has this been resolved? I'm getting the same error message through ps5 today. All other devices in the household can stream it fine?

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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

Did you ever get a resolution for this?
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VC019 Error - Playstation 5


Searching through the forums and I noticed there's been no traction on this issue despite multiple threads for the past 5-6 months

Here's a breakdown of the error I am getting


1. I can stream BTSport on my PS5 for roughly 30 seconds before the picture cuts out and I receive the error 'VC019' although occasionally throws out a 'CN106' error

2. I can stream BT Sport on other devices on my WiFi connection with no issue (Laptop/Desktop/Phone)

3. I have reinstalled the app multiple times, hard reset and cleared the cache on the PS5 among other things and this has not fixed the issue

4. I just have the basic BT sport package with no 4K/UHD add ons and the app worked perfectly fine until last week and now just no longer works

Any traction on this would be nice rather than just being ignored like the past 5-6 topics i've found


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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

Has this been fixed?? My PS5 streams for 15 seconds before throwing the error. So frustrating! I have tried deleting the app and re-installing. I have even tried factory resetting my ps5.. nothing helps. I have also tried hot spotting off my phone and same issue.  Please fix this!

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Re: VC019 Error - Playstation 5

I have this error also, exactly as described above. Have followed the same steps and tested on other devices

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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

No fix yet unfortunately. It's affecting around 2.5% of PS5 users, but we can't see why. We have a case open with Sony for investigation.

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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

Was there a new update recently? I can't understand why it would just suddenly stop working