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broadband speed

ok so i have been a bt customer for years, but im getting pretty annoyed at a small thing. bt have always said my line cant handle more than 30 meg, (im getting 40 down and 10 up). but i was getting 55 for a solid 2 months. iv had 3 engineers out, all saying i cant get that much, then the last one checked and actually saw i had been getting 55 but bt had me on a line profile of 40. now the last engineer visit was over a year ago (i gave up going round in circles). im just quizzing what these results of the broadband avalibility checker mean i am right. i know people on here have way more knowledge than me


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Re: broadband speed

Hi @gingeee85, welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm sorry to see you're not happy with your broadband speeds.  The results from the checker estimate that on a good line your speeds should be between 42.8Mb and 56.1Mb. 

Can you post your Home Hub router stats and we'll take a look to see if there's any room for improvement?

You'll get them by entering in your browser, if you have a home hub 5 please go to troubleshooting then helpdesk and if its a Smart Hub go to advanced settings then technical log information.
I'd also recommend you do a quiet line test? - dial 17070 option 2 it should be silent.



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Re: broadband speed

Firmware version:v0.24.04.11017-BT


Firmware updated ; Thu Jan 7 11:26:24 2021


Board version:R01


GUI version:1.71 05_06_2020


DSL uptime:9 days,03 Hours48 Mins33 Secs


Data rate:10.085 Mbps / 40.278 Mbps


Maximum data rate:10.741 Mbps / 47.769 Mbps


Noise margin:6.6 / 6.3


Line attenuation:10.8 / 19.2


Signal attenuation:10.6 / 18.4


VLAN id:101


Upstream error control - Off


Downstream error control - Off


Data sent / received:22.2 GB Uploaded / 429.8 GB Downloaded


 as for dialing test i havent had a phone for a long time

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Re: broadband speed

Hi @gingeee85 many thanks for posting the stats. The maximum attainable download speeds are 47Mb on your line and the noise margins look fine at around 6db. There may be scope for a couple of more Mb as the data rate is always a few Mb below the Max attainable.

I'm concerned the engineer previously mentioned that you were put on a 40Mb broadband profile and we'll be happy to take a look at this for you. I'll send you a private message so you can send over your details, you'll get the message by clicking on the envelope in the top right of this page.



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Re: broadband speed

done thank you

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Re: broadband speed

If you were on 40mb profile then you would not have a connection speed in excess of 40mb and your speed is 40.278mb

Which exchange and cab are you on as you deleted that from dslchecker results

Checking your line for noise would be helpful as any line noise can affect your connection and speed

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Re: broadband speed

my exchange is morecambe, cab number 14

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