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Equipment return

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I recently upgraded my broadband and the order requests I sent back my old equipment a hub,it’s a home hub 6 I have had for years long after the original contract. Why do I have to return this? The part of the order that says return equipment says I will be charged £0.00. Do I have to ring BT or is there a way to sort this online?

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Re: Equipment return

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If you got the Homehub as part of a contract starting after, I believe, December 2019 you are contractually obliged to return the equipment as it does not belong to you and you will get charged for it if you don’t.

In your case it sounds like you got the equipment before that date which is why the penalty for not returning is shown as £0. You are however encouraged to still return equipment you don’t need for free recycling ♻️. A small bit of hassle for you but helping save the planet little by little.

If your order is asking you for a return they should have sent you a bag and a label. If not you can request them to be sent.

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