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Whole Home wifi discs

Hi, Ive Had the bit whole Home wifi booster discs now for a couple of Years with no problem, i added an extra one last year still with no problem, last week i came Home to find one in the living Room red so i Turner it off and on which normally sorts it but it didn’t, then on the Sunday a second went red which would reset. This weekend I’ve to re install like a new disc ( oh by the way they disappeared from the app on the phone too) which worked but only to the point we’re the Ethernet was connected, as soon as you took away the Ethernet and moved it , it went through the purple then blue the red . I’ve done a factory reset and still the same, the app recognises the disc then downloads updates then tells you to move it but then it does the same, purple, flashing blue maybe stable blue blue almost straight away red. I get electronic things brake but two in one weekend doesn’t add up, the other 3 are still ok.

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