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Solid orange light on hub

Hi all.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same issue as me.

I was very pleased with my new super fast fibre broadband, until I got home from work one day, 5 weeks ago, to find I had no internet, and a solid orange light on my hub. 

After many phone calls with BT, 2 qube engineer visits, and a visit from my local Openreach supervisor (who spent the best part of 2 hours in my house on the phone to Tech bods) , nobody seems able to fix it. 

Between the 3 engineer visits they tried 5 different hubs, all of which did exactly the same thing (solid orange light) , so I think it's safe to say that the hub isn't the problem. I'm being handled by the Executive complaints team now, around 2 weeks so far. While everyone is very polite and friendly, nobody seems to have a clue how to fix the problem.

It's like being in that movie, Groundhog day, same approach over and over again, but no solution.

I'm literally praying that someone on here can help me!

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Re: Solid orange light on hub

Yes I've had that fault and I very much doubt that the fault is on your premises, it certainly wasn't on mine.

Try entering your landline number here BT Service Status | Check Broadband, Landline and TV | BT Help to check for a network fault or check here BT (British Telecom) Outage Map • Is The Service Down? UK if you don't have a landline

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