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Re: Superfast Broadband

What do the notes say at the bottom of the table say for your address?

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Re: Superfast Broadband

There are two poles ( DP109 and DP111) , No12 is served from the pole on the opposite side of the road (DP111) , but No2 to No10 ( so including you at No.6 ) appear to be from DP109 , the pole on your side of the road  situated very close to No2 , this can’t be confirmed for sure as it’s using street view images.

Even if there are FTTP CBT’s on both DP’s , they are not necessarily part of the same PON , it could be one PON is ready for service , and the other isn’t RFS , or it could be they are on the same PON , just that the CBT on DP111 is commissioned and RFS and therefore the addresses associated with it (  No12 and up over , 14, 16 etc ) show availability but DP109 is not ( yet ) commissioned and therefore its addresses are not able to order FTTP , including you at No.6.

Looking at the street  layout , some addresses including yours , could potentially be serviced from either pole , but it’s the case that each address is only be associated with one CBT ( DP ) and dropwires are not allowed to cross over each other  , so although you may think a solution is moving your address  from DP109 to DP111 ,  it may not be that straightforward, if No 10 is served from DP109 , moving you to DP 111 means your new ‘wire’ would cross over the existing wire of No 10 , (  that’s assuming you are ‘allocated’ to the CBT on DP109 , but that does seem likely )  so  moving your address to DP111 would not be allowed unless  No. 106 , 108 and 110 were all ‘moved’ to DP111 at the same time , and that may not have the capacity for all these , plus any working copper lines would  need rerouting in the copper network to keep them working , so it’s not really practical solution.

I notice you used the UPRNs to get the DSL checker returns , most people would use the postal addresses, is there a reason for doing so as there doesn’t seem to be anything odd about the address format , so do you get the same results using the postal address ?


use this formwize to get Openreach to check if your address has inadvertently been excluded, there is a section that basically asks if my neighbour can get FTTP why can’t I , that may clear up any dodgy data , after all the ISP ( BT ) can only offer what the supplier ( Openreach ) says is available, if OR  have incorrectly mis assigned your address it needs OR to correct that dodgy data 

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