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Activation date delay

I am currently on fttp with Sky, placed an order last week to switch to BT on fttp. I was given an activation date of 11th August, Sky then notified me to confirm termination with them on 11th August.

I then received notification from BT that my activation date has been changed to 21st August. No mention about the migration from Sky aligning with the new activation date. On top of that I had scheduled a home visit for 12th from a BT expert. After BT changed my activation date they didn’t change the date of my home visit ?! So I would’ve still had fttp with Sky when the BT expert arrived.

I have no idea whether I’ll now lose service with Sky on the 11th & be without service until 21st when BT switch me on ?!

Ive raised a complaint with BT due to complete lack of management of my ‘seamless’ migration.

Would anybody know if my new activation date will also have delayed my Sky fttp service termination ?

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Re: Activation date delay

It shouldn't affect your connection, BT should've informed SKY of the takeover date. That said I would contact SKY to make sure both are aligned

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