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Automatic Compensation amount query

Morning and happy new year,

My elderly mum had new Digital Voice install on 22/12/23, but no service due to 'no light' signal fault, which was repaired on 29/12.  This gave a broadband connection, but Digital Voice activation date was put back to 02/01/24, yesterday, which thankfully worked.

An email arrived this morning 03/01 saying compensation amount was credited to her account. At £5.83/day, the amount equates to 4 days compensation.  I reckon it should be 11 days, given her old copper landline was cut off during initial install, so no phone over Xmas/New Year, not ideal considering her vulnerability. 

Can I query this now, or do I have to wait 30 days?

Is there a chance it will automatically add the difference in the next 30 days?

Thanks in Advance

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Re: Automatic Compensation amount query

Just as an update to this, phoned BT this morning, they agreed there was an anomaly, but to give it the 30 days from activation to see if the automated system adds a change.
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