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BT Home Essentials


Just about to come to the end of our 24 month contract, seen “BT Home Essentials”, on Martin Lewis show, didn’t even know BT offered this!!

We are mother & daughter, we have lived in the same property for 30+ years.

Daughter is the named account holder, however the payment is taken via DD from my account (Mum) as this is my contribution to the household. (Bill has always been paid by me from the same bank account).

I receive Pension Credit Guarantee so would qualify for BT Home Essentials £20, this would cut our monthly payment in half, currently on Fibre 1 Broadband.

My question is, what do I need to do to be eligible?  

If I remove my daughters name and I am then named account holder can we keep our landline telephone number.

We would be very grateful for any advice TIA




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Re: BT Home Essentials


No, you cannot change the account holder, the existing account would have to be closed, and a new account opened in your name. You would be initially given a new number, but could then request the old number back.



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Re: BT Home Essentials

Hi Keith, really appreciate your quick response, when you say we would get a new telephone number but can request the old telephone number! do you know if this is request would be guaranteed?

As you can appreciate don’t want to loose our telephone number after 30+ years.

Do you think it’s best speaking direct with BT?

The only reason the name was in my daughters name, is I hate to deal with bills or speak on the phone, I get so nervous!! So she always deals with things like that.

Again TIA

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Re: BT Home Essentials

Technically keeping the same number should not be an issue, its just that a cease of one account and  provision of a new one, normally requires the allocation of a new number, because in many cases the new account holder would not want calls for the old account holder.

As this is a customer to customer forum, I will need to ask a moderator to advise. One of them should reply in the morning. They are BT Employees.

Bear in mind that if the fibre cabinet is full, then a cease and re-provide, could result in a wait for a new fibre broadband connection to become available.


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Re: BT Home Essentials

Hi Keith,

Thanks again 🙂

Your response:-

Bear in mind that if the fibre cabinet is full, then a cease and re-provide, could result in a wait for a new fibre broadband connection to become available.

Do you know potentially how long a wait could be?

I really appreciate your help and if a moderator has any additional advice that would be great, if not I’ll get my daughter to speak direct to BT. 👍



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Re: BT Home Essentials

If your street cab is full then the wait for a connection to be available could be

a few days or weeks or months there is no way to predict.  It could just as easily be OK and no connection problem

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Re: BT Home Essentials

Hi @AAW2233 we wouldn't be able to give you a 100% guarantee that you'd be able to keep the same number if you took over the line in your name. This will stop the current contract and start a new one in your name.

If you speak to the sales team on 150 they'll be able to advise you if it's possible to keep it as part of the take over order. If you can't, we may be able to do a renumber on the line after it's been provided in your name to get the number back.