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FTTP installation delay woes


Ordered FTTH Feb 21st.

BT Wifi account registered Feb 21st

SH2 despatched for delivery March 3rd.   Arrived 10th - due RM backlog

Service activation date March 6th -  nothing happened.  Following day and every working day since the activation date has chjanged. Its currently the 13th March, but I expect it to change at midnight.

OR van showed up on 9th March, and said civil need to did the path from manhole cover to my property wall. Approx 1 metre.

There is already a VM cable from that duct to me wall into my property, so why can they not use the same path?

Today I received an SMS stating there is a delay of maybe some weeks due to one of various issues, which could be - getting the road closed, finding a mini digger, road closure to access manholes or  consent to access private property.

As stated above the manhole cover with the duct in is approx 1m from my property. OR internal have confirmed there is zero reasons why the install cannot take place, (Their planning special team called me ) which is at odds with what BT are saying in their SMS.

So from reading other messages here, I see I am not yet as bad off as others, so as I cannot see anyway to contact BT for updates, I just have to wait on the next SMS.

I assume I will be compensated for the delayed installation, but that's not really what the point is.


Any suggestions?

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Re: FTTP installation delay woes

Contact the FTTP team, 0800 587 4787 if put through to normal CS hang up and try again.

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Re: FTTP installation delay woes

Thanks for the number. Is that OR or BT?

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Re: FTTP installation delay woes

BT  openreach are not a public facing company

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Re: FTTP installation delay woes

OK Thanks.


I had several tel conversations with OR prior to placing my order. They called me back a few times from their special engineering group to confirm there was a hub in my street and exactly where it was.

Ill call the BT number and see if I get any joy

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Re: FTTP installation delay woes


I assume I will be compensated for the delayed installation, but that's not really what the point is.

That will depend if BT confirmed your service would be activated on a set day, if you've not been given a date for activation because the delay was anticipated, then no compensation is given as BT haven't missed an agreed go live date.

More info at - Automatic Compensation 

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Re: FTTP installation delay woes

Hi - 

So I called BT, and a nice chap spoke to me at length, then he called OR and established that a form A55 had been submitted only yesterday to get permission to dig the 1 metre required between the BT Manhole and my property. Apparently they cant use the same identical path used by VM to reach my property, but never mind. I'm advised to check back on the 21st to see if that has been approved.

So at least some movement.

Meanwhile - I was told via MyBT app that install would be done on March 6th, and I received an SMS on Sun 5th saying

Your Full Fibre services  will  be up and running tomorrow (06-Mar-2023) but it could start any time up till 23:59.

Does that count ?

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Re: FTTP installation delay woes


I have no idea what problems there are with Fibre Installs but, I was invited by BT via SMS and email to sign-up for 'Full, Fast & Furious' Fibre service on 10th November 2022.   I contacted sales and agreed that service and contract changes on that same day.

I cannot comment on the number of provisional dates I had been given, the number of days I stayed at home because the BT app was saying 'Engineer due today' but, I did ring BT every week at least once and even twice to progress the install.

Eventually with so much frustration on both sides, myself and BT, the install was completed after FIFTEEN weeks to the day.   Had I let it run to the last confirmed date I was given it would have been TWENTY THREE weeks.

My advice?  Don't get your hopes up too high and be prepared to ring & ring until someone takes notice and actually gets Openreach into action.   Am I satisfied now? well I have 925Mbps down and 111Mbps up but my next battle is  ....  Compensation for the delay.   Will I get anything?   BT and OR cover their tracks well so make a copy of everything!

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Re: FTTP installation delay woes



im still getting daily updates in the app to say will be installed on the day.

today its the 16th, tomorrow will say 17th and so on.  

i,m taking a photo each day - Do you expect 15 x 5 days compo?



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Re: FTTP installation delay woes




Civil works showed up at 830am and proceeded to dig the required trench to link my property wall to the BT Manhole - same path as VM but a separate UG Pipe installed.

So looks like the A55 was approved, and we are a step closer to the install. Nice chaps said they will do all the path works and "the engineers" will come to install the cable (Fibre).

fingers crossed could be live by next week bearing in mind its Friday.



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