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Help, 83 Yr old father cut off with no notice

BT cut my father's phone and Broadband on Friday 7th Oct. On Saturday he received a letter to say they were cutting him off the day before! Apparently they received a request from another provider to take over the line, which is simply wrong. How can BT cut off a vulnerable person with no notice?

45 mins holding on the phone to find they will only deal with him, but he has no phone or broadband FFS. He used the mobile of the flat warden to tell me he has been cut off and about the letter but otherwise I have no contact.

The phone is his only contact. Online organises his shopping, prescriptions and hospital appointments.

He has had the same account for 30+ years and always paid on time.

How do I get anyone to listen and reconnect him. He is really distraught by this and I am currently working in Europe so feel helpless.

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Re: Help, 83 Yr old father cut off with no notice

your father should have received a previously letter from BT advising that BT had received a request from another ISP to take over his line and at that time your father needed to contact BT and explain he was not leaving for another provider and he wants to remain with BT. 

at present BT and openreach are on strike today so I have asked a forum mod to see if they can help your father get connected asap.  the mods will probably post here tomorrow 

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Re: Help, 83 Yr old father cut off with no notice

As already stated , it’s the way the system ( imposed by Ofcom ) works , if someone either mistakenly, by giving your fathers address rather than their own , or maliciously , by slamming your father service onto another company without consent , the only safeguard is a communication ( letter or email ) from the losing company ( BT in this case) saying ‘sorry to see you leave ‘ ,but it does give the process to cancel the migration,  if that goes unanswered then the changeover takes place…it isn’t a two stage process , where the customer has to sign up with a new provider and also advise the company they are leaving themselves , the regulator doesn’t want the losing company the opportunity to try and talk the consumer out of switching.

If your father lives in some sort of warden controlled housing , it’s possible a ‘neighbour’ changing provider, or a new neighbour moving in , has given the wrong address ( your fathers address ) , unfortunately the losing company are not allowed to ring and ask ‘are you sure’ ?, the letter or email should arrive 10 days before the date the changeover is to take place.

TBH , if this is migration your father didn’t ask for , although the BT service will have been removed , it should have been replaced with the new company service ( even if it’s not what he wanted ) ,so there still should be service from someone,  if there is no service whatsoever, that may not be an (unrequited ) migration but some other ‘issue’

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Re: Help, 83 Yr old father cut off with no notice

Hi @Rolandsizzers,

Thank you for posting. I'm sorry if your Father's service has been cut off in error. If another provider has requested to take over the service as @iniltous has said, BT would send a "Sorry Your Leaving Letter" to advise the account holder that someone had requested to take over the service and outline the process they would need to follow if they wished to cancel that request.

If you send me your details, I'll be able to take a look at what happened and help your Father get reconnected. 

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how to contact the team.  You can access your messages via the envelope icon at the top right of the screen, or click on this link, Private messages



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Re: Help, 83 Yr old father cut off with no notice

PM sent, thanks for offering to help. 

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