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Issue Upgrading Service

Good morning,


I am currently employed in the armed forces and have forces accommodation and I have recently bought a broadband service and was told i could upgrade to fibre broadband. 

Once the openreach engineer visited my room and installed my service he said all i needed to do was to contact sales and upgrade my service (he said this process was usually pretty straight forward and normally takes around 1/2 weeks for the job to get booked)


I have tried contacting the sales teams to upgrade now 5+ times and each time i get transferred to a different Sales rep who either says its unavailable or just puts me on hold for 20 minutes and the call eventually dies off. One sales rep seemed like he knew the process and i ordered a fibre package, only to receive a text from BT saying i need to contact BT and provide more information to fulfil my order, in which i did and i was told that whoever upgraded my order did it as a "new order" and this process is wrong. So that sales rep cancelled my upgrade and told me to call back and get my current service upgraded to fibre. 

having tried today to call back multiple times and being passed around to 3 different people it seems like this process is impossible for me, even though a lot of my colleagues have a BT Fibre broadband package in their room and the Openreach engineer saying its a simple process, it feels like every sales member cannot upgrade me and tries to offer me mobile broadband which is not suitable for the services i require.


Just wondering if i can get any advice on what i can do in order to achieve this upgrade?


If you need more information i am happy to provide.

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Re: Issue Upgrading Service

@matthewlittle1993 This is just a customer to customer help forum, everyone here, including myself, are just customers.

The only BT Employees are the forum moderators who may post here with some help, as you are having issues with your order.

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Re: Issue Upgrading Service

Hi @matthewlittle1993

Welcome to the BT Community and thank you for your post!

I am sorry for the problems upgrading to Fibre broadband.  I appreciate the time you have spent over the phone trying to get this resolved.  Have you entered your address details >> here << ?  This will give you an understanding of what's available for your address.

Can you post a screenshot of the result, please?  Don't post your full address publicly. Thanks.

Whenever you've posted back we'll take it from there.



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