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Moving Home


Three weeks ago I approached BT customer services to inform them that I would be moving home. Fantastic, a date was given when my services would be moved to my new address!  However no confirmation email was received.  I called back only to be told my order for some reason was still shown as pending.  The agent said she would cancel it and reorder. I was to expect a confirmation email which again never arrived.  

About 5 days before my services were to go live at my new address I received text message from BT telling me my order had been cancelled and was being dealt with by a specialist team who would be in touch!  That was followed 24 hours before the  transfer date with a text saying my services would be transferred tomorrow!  Fantastic I thought, however this never happened and my services are still on at my old address. 

Frustrated I called customer services and was told a specialist team was still dealing with my order and would be in touch. The agent was vague about the problem, there had been a problem with the order and the system had not updated or something. Blah blah waffle waffle!  Thankfully I was assured someone would be in touch.....sadly that has not been the case! 

I would use my online BT account to gain insight, however the BT website is excrement and an unnavigable mess! 

SO, has anyone here had similar problems with home moves?  Do I now make a formal complaint or sit and wait for someone from BTs crack specialist team to call me? Where do I go from here? 

Furthermore, how is it possible that you can make a complete mess of something so simple then expect me to continue paying for a service I'am not recieving? 

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Re: Moving Home

Hi @Beefcurtain thanks for posing, I'm sorry to see there have been issues with your home move order.

Unfortunately, it's not always straightforward and there can be problems but you should be kept informed as to what's happening. I'll send you a private message in a moment so you can get in touch with your details and we'll be happy to assist.



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Re: Moving Home

Hi Neil.

Indeed you were happy to assist. Either yourself or a colleague managed to place another order on my behalf that was again cancelled. So we'll done! 

I think this has happened 13 times now!!!

I have since wrote a complaint to customer services and someone at customer relations was eager to help me by placing another order which was subsequently cancelled for reasons unknown aswell.  He did say that I'am entitled to compensation so I kind of figure the longer BT takes to resolve this the more I get! 

I would appreciate if you could look into this again, maybe this time someone will get it right!  Can YOU escalate this further up the chain of command regarding complaints? Alternatively as the broadband BT is providing me is sub standard I have a legal right to demand early termination of my contract at no cost to me! I would be grateful if you could get someone to contact me directly by phone to discuss these options. 


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Re: Moving Home


I would expect that a moderator will update you.

While you are waiting, I wonder if there is an issue with Openreach unable to provide service at your new address?

There is possibly an Openreach capacity issue.

Use the address checker on the page below, and post the results, but edit out your address details first.


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Re: Moving Home

Hi Keith. 

Thanks for the response. 

I have just had confirmation from BT in the past few minutes that my services should go live on the 1st of March. Apparently there have been multiple issues regarding the transfer. 

I'll hang fire on escalating this complaint further until after the 1st of March as it may well have finally been resolved. 

Fingers crossed. 

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Re: Moving Home

I am sure that forum members will be interested in the outcome, so please keep this thread updated.

As far as compensation is concerned, this page should help.

BT pay this as a credit against future monthly bills.


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Re: Moving Home


Can I just add my compliments to the call centre agent who dealt with me this afternoon. His name was Neil from the home move team. Not sure where he was based.  Guess you can get this information from my account. 

If someone could pass a well done on and copy in his manager I'd be grateful. 

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Re: Moving Home

I am just a customer, but I am sure the moderator will see your update.

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