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Thought I had rectified problem only to have created more - need to complain before it gets

To recap on 16th May 24 posted on Home and mobile on forum re accidently blocked number.

Later I spoke with agent at BT for maybe over hour and thought all was sorted, sadly my partner mobile is again blocked so he cant call home.  While I'm sure it might not seem much but I am just 3 week posts surgery and naturally when he works away he wants to stay in touch.

Enter my billing wows, after speaking to agent on 16th May I received several email stating a new call package for digital phone contract instead £14 per month for unlimited calls it was now £9 for 24months for unlimited calls, I assumed I had been given a reduced rate for my ongoing problems relating to Digital voice and services missing over last 12months.

Then my bill arrives and it is now higher than last month(with increases).  So I call again and am told there is an error regarding the £9 and it cannot be given at that price and has to be £14, but not to worry can due a reduced deal for my broadband which will bring it down by about£5 again and detail will follow by email.

So I have received nothing and venturing to My BT and orders placed see Broadband and Digitail Phone, plus biazarrely  an equipment reurn request for 23rd May for my Wifi disc failure to do so will result in charge of £30.  I have checked the disc number and it is mine, so why do they want it back and what package are they moving me to.

Prior to all this I was paying my bill for payment end May has increased and the projected bill is the same for June.  I wa informed today I have a 14day cooling off period - I just want this sorting out and would like  advice on where to call etc.

I am sorry this rambles but it really seems to have snowballed from a simply request to unblock a number.

Any help sorting this and just getting me back to prior 16th May 


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Re: Thought I had rectified problem only to have created more - need to complain before it gets

Hi @Jaytwotwo and thanks for posting.

I'm sorry for any confusion with your bills etc. I'm sure we can sort this out for you. I'll need a few details so check your inbox for my message and drop me over the details.



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