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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound

Ok, it didn’t work as expected when I received the box but I’ll have another play again tonight or tomorrow and let you know the outcome.

Perhaps I’ve not set this correctly but as far as I could tell it was all set up correctly with the receiver. The box is set to Surround and the receiver to automatically select the appropriate sound setting.

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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound

I'm looking at this now. My AV Receiver can show booth the input and output audio. I can still see the same issue on ITV2/3/4, all showing as 5.1 where they are definitely 2.0. ITV only use 2.0 audio.

Sky Arts on 365 seems locked on 5.1 audio. The Joy of Painting, made in the 80's is definitely not in surround sound!

It seems like there is a default for channels and is not dynamic to match the content. Allocation of the format appears largely random.

Sky Sci-fi on 363 was playing a programme advertised and known to be 5.1 sound, but the adverts also play out as 5.1.

SD channels all appear to be ok (2.0), but the HD channels are not working correctly.

Apps work ok and tag audio correctly, although it would appear whichever device you load iPlayer on, everything is 2.0. prime and Netflix work correctly, even recognising Dolby Atmos.

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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound

Thanks @SoupDragon57 - very useful. I'll add your description to the fault. Could you please confirm what Manufacturer software version you're on?
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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound

@DarrenDev No problem. I've updated the post with more info about apps (which seen to be ok).

Manufacturer software version 0.8.132

All software and apps up to date.

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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound

@AlyCath sounds right to me. The box only has 2 options for HDMI audio; stereo and surround. Surround should provide the highest quality audio available. Sometimes, the highest quality is only stereo 2.0.

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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound

@SoupDragon57  Yes I agree. There is definitely something not quite right with the BT Box in terms of audio. 

Thankfully it’s not just me that has this issue.

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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound

@DarrenDev Another interesting feature on the Now TV channels...
If you view via the BT TV channels directly, you will get incorrect audio for some programmes/channels. If you go to the Now app, you can go to the live channels and you will get the correct audio! (Assumes you have give to the Now settings and activated surround sound). 

Great example here is Sky News HD on channel 385. On the BT box directly, 5.1 audio. On the Now app, this correctly shows 2.0.

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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound

I’ll have a play with my 4000 when I’ve finished enjoying the sunshine, see what that does.

I’ve got two of the use cases weighed off:-

When the programme is in surround, and says it’s in surround, the Pro box passes surround for an amp to deal with as it thinks fit;

When the programme is in stereo, and says it’s in stereo, the bug on the Pro box meant it was passed as surround, FL and FR only, which an amp would faithfully reproduce with centre and rear silent; but with the bug fixed, the box outputs L and R for the amp to make of what it will, according to whatever the owner has set*;

but not this one;

when the programme is in stereo, but says it’s in 5.1 - what should the box output then?

* this is fertile ground for owners to report different results which they think are to do with the Pro box, but are actually to do with what the amp is configured to do. Just add to the mix, my soundbar has about 5 sound profiles, a couple of which treat stereo as purist stereo, a couple of which reflect the stereo in centre and rears, and one of which attempts to synthesise pseudo-surround. Back to my Hafler days…

*** Longtime YouView box owner, BT Broadband customer, but never a BT TV subscriber ***
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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound

Spot on @Midnight_Voice ! Incorrectly passing 2.0 audio as 5.1 prevents your AV Receiver giving the best option. I use Dolby Surround to upmix to 5.1.2, but it is less successful when presented with incorrect data.

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Re: BT Pro Box surround sound

"weighed off" isn't an expression I recognise, and Google doesn't help. Do you mean that you now understand the problem?
For your 3rd use case, what do you mean by "says it's in 5.1"? The box wouldn't know if the programme claims to be multi-channel but only has audio in the FL an FR.

You're right on your last point. This is the reason why the bug took so long to even be acknowledged - it was put down to user/equipment error. We have specific hardware and defined use cases for testing against now.