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BT TV Box Pro - Sports Channels

I have been trying to troubleshoot at my parents house where I have had a stable network for a couple of years, why they can't access this £18 p/m Sports package on the BT TV Box Pro that they have more recently purchased.

I wanted to ask if anybody has already found a fix for this issue if not using the SH2,  or maybe just purchased the Discovery+ package directly.

Broadband: BT Business Hub (Gateway Mode)

Router: Firewalla Gold

LAN: TP-Link Omada PoE Switches and Access Points

Problem: Error IPC6023 when trying to watch Live Sport on BT TV Box Pro, only works when streaming to Chromecast via 4G and not WiFi

The BT Box itself is connected via Ethernet and not via WiFi

Steps taken:

  • BT engineer visited when I wasn't available, plugged SH2 directly in said it worked and left. But not sure if he tried Live as well as on-demand
  • No blocker inbound or outbound flows to the box (screenshots)
  • tried replacing the cable



Possible other steps:

  • Find IPs/CIDRs used by BT/EE to allow through firewall
  • Try VPN access for the BT TV box, so the request doesn't identify it is coming from the the BT network. Like mobile / 4G scenario.



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Re: BT TV Box Pro - Sports Channels

Is there an option for IGMP Snooping/IGMP Proxy on the secondary router? If so, try and enable it. 

Enable any settings for IPTV too, if it asks for a version, try V2.

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Re: BT TV Box Pro - Sports Channels

There is, I just tried enabling it 10mins. Will give it a try and let you know.


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Re: BT TV Box Pro - Sports Channels

Good luck, hope it works! If the option is also available on the TP link Omada and the switches too, try and enable it on all of them.

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Re: BT TV Box Pro - Sports Channels

Subscription content delivered via the EPG uses multicast, so the replacement kit must ALL support that via IGMP as said above. Freeview also uses multicast if delivered by IP rather than an aerial.

But if recording isn't an issue then live sport can be watched via the Discovery+ app on the box as that doesn't use multicast.