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BT TV Pro Box

Can you have two BT TV Pro Boxes on one BT account in a house.

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Re: BT TV Pro Box

You can get BT TV in a second room with an Extra Box subscription as long as:

  • Fibre broadband with speeds of 23Mbps or more
  • An Extra Box subscription
  • Two non-recordable TV boxes, or two recordable TV boxes, or a non-recordable TV box and a recordable TV box
  • A separate aerial connection for your second box

However, whether that second box can be a pro box or not should become apparent during the order process, which I can't test for you I'm afraid.

If it isn't available, then I can tell you that when I had BT TV I had Extra Box and requested the non-recording version of BT YouView box. Once it was activated I set it up, tested and then swapped it for a recordable version I bought on eBay (not recommended if you like support!).

I had a message telling me I had too many boxes on my broadband, but once I confirmed the recordable box was the master, it was fine. Assuming that is still possible, you can do similar, but caveat emptor, especially as BT Pro boxes bought elsewhere could be blocked and are highly likely to still be the property of BT and shouldn't be sold.

Do you really need the extra power? If you don't and want to avoid any potentially expensive headaches, the non-recordable box is pretty nippy, can still pause live TV and is quiet.

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