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Re: BY Mail, freezing and cursor moving

I have exactly the same issue - the new version of BTMail appears VERY unstable. I have tried it in both Windows 11 and 10 environments and on Firefox and MS Edge and same fiasco all the time. Visual presentation of e-mail unusable - Folders column too wide, has to be manually squeezed to reveal Inbox. Huge wasted field at left bottom of page with bytes used shown (who cares?). Cursor randomly skips to beginning of a reply or new email every few seconds. No way to change font. Every time reopened you have to reset image settings. No way of getting entire width of Folders column and Inbox to display. Going in and out of an e-mail always creates a tick in box of next consecutive e-mail whether you want to view it or not. Unbelievable that BT foist this piece of technical c**p on users paying £7.50 pcm for a 'Premium' experience.

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The latest ill prepared BT email changes appear awful to me, quite inexcusable. So many faults, omissions, new disadvantages. Telephone them to report the numerous problems you see-others are and they are taking notes! How a responsible organisation can introduce such a half baked new product, I do not know. The faults are apparent from the first time of use. Who is the director or senior manager in charge of all this? (We will never be told-but he/she must be held accountable.) I shall write to the Chairman. Does he know what is going on? Further words fail me.

Maybe the best solution is to change email provider. 

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Re: BY Mail, freezing and cursor moving


I have moved you onto the BT Webmail feedback thread which contains all the issues and possible fixes or work arounds about the "new" BT email interface. 

As an aside, if you are paying £7.50 for your email it means that you are using BT Premium email and apparently using it on a web browser (webmail).

The only benefit of using a BT Premium email account is that you can use an email client or an email app to access your email account. 

If you only ever use your BT email account on a browser (webmail) there is no need to pay for your email account. You would be as well to use the free BTMail Basic account.

See link.

BT Email products | Types of BT Emails | BT Help


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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

Aagh - turned on this evening and everything has changed (for the worse).  Friday 9 Feb 2024.  Text is so small I can hardly see it.  The text isn't jet black either at least it doesn't seem to be.   Not sure what I am going to do.  Get a magnifying glass, new specs, or somehow adjust it on my Mac.  I have just sent an email to someone and had to make it 18pt. This is big! But not on the new BT email system.  It is just nicely readable.  Why is everything 1.5 spacing as well?  Why has it been changed when it worked perfectly well before?  I went into settings - I am sure these have been reduced.  I see three lines of every email, and now have to scroll down miles to see my emails instead of just at a glance.  I went into my blocked email addresses - well surely you just want to see a basic list - with these bad guys you don't want to see them prettied up do you?  But lo and behold - each nuisance email address nicely formatted in boxes one white, then one grey, then one white, for evermore scrolling down.  Please can I go back to the old layout?

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

Okay, so I wrote some feedback about ten minutes ago and now I have some more!  I have just attempted to send an email to someone.  If I typed a word incorrectly and went back to correct it, the new letters appeared at the start of the email in a substantially reduced text.  After some seconds they would jump and then appear where I had typed them and in the same font as the rest of the sentence.  As I mentioned before - the carriage return gives a 1.5 line spacing - which especially when you are signing off say with a job title, phone number etc, they are all spaced out too much now.  So back to my email of 8pm on 9 Feb 2024.  After having to halt a few times (as I made typos and my corrections jumped to the beginning of the email) I decided I would send it.  However, the send button was obscured by an image of the email and if I pressed the cross then it jumped back to the email.  Not sure how I eventually managed to access the Send button.  But I tried at least 4 times.

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

I don't know if this has been reported before and there's too much to go through now, but I don't recall seeing it. 

Clicking the selection box on the LHS of an unread mail marks it as "Read" even if you don't open it. 

At least it does with Windows 10 and Chrome (and MS Edge).

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

Re "Clicking the selection box on the LHS of an unread mail marks it as "Read" even if you don't open it. "

I also find that when I move unread emails from my spam folder to my inbox they appear as "read" in my inbox, which makes them harder to locate in my inbox to read them.


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Re: Email Changes

My frustration is boiling over with trying to write an email 

It's slow, it changes the font by itself, it takes you back to the start for no reason etc etc.

What are the improvements? 

If I was asked, for starters I would want an undo feature  (many number of times I have mistakenly deleted  a sentence/paragraph) and a better search facility (eg so I could search across all folders, without being told too many) a


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Re: Email Changes

Yes I agree, I wrote about this yesterday in Re: BT Webmail Feedback. None of it makes sense.
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Re: Email Changes

Ah - Re my previous post I have found the undo and redo  feature .  One good thing.

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