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Re: New email login

@Dagonet wrote:

By "New email login" do you mean the eclipse-like orb new page? If so, you will see this is a multi-stage process. First my correct email addess is offered. I must then press <next> to reveal a similar dialogue box showing my password. Alas when now pressing <nezt>, entry is forbidden with a box of red text saying my login details are incorrect.

When I delete the given passwoerd, and write my own correct one, I gain entry. So three questions:

*    Why am I offered an incorrect password?  An old one perhaps? It is your browser that stores the password not BT. With out knowing your browser I can not be more specific but you need to go into you browser's settings and look for the Password section and look for the one referring to your BT email address and check the password that is stored. If it is the wrong one you should delete it. The next time you log on you will need to enter your username and password and your browser should then offer to store it.

If using Microsoft Edge, if you click on your username when it is automatically entered into the log on box it should open a drop down box "Manage Passwords in Microsoft Wallet". Click on that and it will take you to the Password section in the browser.

*    Why no "Show" to tell me what' s right or wrong? 

*    Are we now to suffer s multi-stage login? Yes it would appear so.


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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

What's really depressing is that it looks like BT learnt nothing from the way the last "upgrade" was rolled out at the time of the switch away from Yahoo. It's hard to believe that it was tested on anyone as there are so many bugs, and irritating features (for me, the worst being constant font size changes, and random amounts of line break). Again, this version is just much worse that the yahoo based one - and BT have had plenty of time to get this one right.
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email login

Why are there now separate pages for email address and password and why no 'remember me'?  Is this supposed to be an 'improvement'?

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Re: New email login

Thanks for the info. Appreciated!

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

Just commenting:
I have been registered as a BT trialist for a number of years and have taken part in a few trials.
I have no recollection of any notification or information on a trial of the new email system
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Re: email login

BT like so many other big corporations, they confuse the word 'change' with the word 'improvement'.. Expect some BT executive had an empty inbox and knew a software company in Asia..  what was wrong with the old version ? It did the job, didn't need bells and whistles .If it did , then a little tweak at a time would have been IMHO better. We have been promised it will get bugs fixed soon. 

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Re: email login

I'm told there will be some fixes tomorrow and more at the end of the month. 

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Re: email login

Good to hear but... proof of the pudding etc 

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Re: email login

Will we get a changelist of what they think they've fixed so far?
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New email web client

The previous time BT "improved" the web client, the automatic timeout was so ridiculously short that one could be cut off whilst typing a mail. It took several months before BT realised that customers [we pay for it!] were fed up with it, and the "stay logged in" period was pushed up to a decent period.

Whilst it's nothing like as short, it now seems to be a log-out overnight: how long are we going have to tolerate this before you give in again?