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Cannot give a BT internet email address to a friend

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I have created an email address for a friend (who is a BT internet customer, but is not allowed to create an email address as he has not had one before). As part of that process you do NOT create a password for the new address.

I put in my friend's  gmail address. He received an email on that address confirming that I am giving him an email address. That email contains a button to click on to accept the address. That takes you to a page where it says you must have a BT Id to accept the address. My friend does have a fully working BT Id that he can log in to and see his bills and so on. We select the option to attach the email to an existing BT ID, and put the Id and password in. However it then goes to the page for setting up a new BT ID, NOT the page for accepting the email address to an existing BT ID.

I spoke to technical support who said it must be broken.

They suggested to use the password reset process on the newly created email address, however I am a bit worried about that because that would not link the new address to a BT ID. However I decided to try it anyway. That got as far as accepting a new password, but then it said "something has gone wrong" !

The whole "my BT" system has also been extremely slow to respond in the last 2 days, frequently timing out when loading pages which suggests some serious underlying problem.

Does anyone know what is happening, when this issue might be fixed, or have any other ideas?

Many thanks.

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Re: Cannot give a BT internet email address to a friend

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I think the breaking of the linkage between BTID and email passwords has resulted in a broken system.

I experienced exactly the same problem, selecting link to an existing BTID that I had just created.

However, I could successfully link it to a BTID that I created some time ago.

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Re: Cannot give a BT internet email address to a friend

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@Rob_J I'm sorry you're experiencing issues gifting an email to your friend. I can get this looked into, if there is a system issue we can also highlight this with the email team. I'll send you a private message in a moment.