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Installation Address not the same as Billing Address

When I moved into my London flat 27(ish) years ago, I was about the fourth person to arrive, BT had a problem with the new postcode that these apartments had. This year I find someone wants to take my line (why this has not happened before is anyone's guess) the installation address is still incorrect. I should say I have a BT line, phone, broadband and TV box, you might have thought this would be sorted by now.

They asked Open Reach to change the installation address but there seemed to be a problem with that, my first question would be why? Hopefully nearly 30 years later BT and Open Reach have an updated address list. BT said I would need a new account which I went along with until the engineer turned up and said he was putting in a new number! That has all been cancelled now and BT are looking in to a simpler way to solve this as per a conversation last Monday. Since then I got an email saying some of my services will be stopping:

  • Netflix
  • Large screen
  • BT TV App Extra
  • AMC Channel and On Demand

As yet they are fine, I assume this is just caused by the confusion of what is going on. Any advice on what I need to be saying to them would be appreciated.

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Re: Installation Address not the same as Billing Address

Hi @20-20vision welcome back to the community and thanks for posting. We'll need to raise an ORDI case with Openreach to get them to update the installation address. The moderation team can help you with this and I'll send you a private message so you can send over your details.



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Re: Installation Address not the same as Billing Address

BT have said they will be getting back to me, if they have not done so by Monday I will send you a PM.
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