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Scam call help - No easy way to contact BT

Hi All,

My father (86, deaf) asked me to check his BT bill as it was high. On there he has 9 premium rate numbers (0906) totalling £120+ 

I am looking for away to discuss these with BT that does not involve a phone call as my father hearing makes the process painful, and we want everything in writing as last time he contacted BT with an issue it took multiple phone calls and nothing happened until he insisted BT put it in emails while he was on the phone.

He assures me neither he or my step mother made this calls and all the numbers have very poor reputation online. We want BT to investigate these as scam calls.

We did try to report via the scam calls function on the website which only allows calls from 2 weeks ago, not last month (which is when these happened).

Can anyone advise how best we can manage this?

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Re: Scam call help - No easy way to contact BT


This is just a customer to customer help forum, everyone here, including myself, are just customers.

The only BT Employees are the forum moderators.

Try calling 0330 1234 150

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Re: Scam call help - No easy way to contact BT

Hi @PeteWallace73 


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Premium rate charges need to be first disputed with the company who operate the 090 premium rate service as it is their responsibility to refund the charge if it is incorrect. 


If the charges aren't refunded by the company, and the and still disputes them, they should contact the Phone-paid Service Authority. This can be done online at, or by calling 0300 3030 020 (Monday to Friday 09.30am to12.30pm, excluding Bank Holidays)


The Phone-Paid Service Authority website outlines the premium rate call charge dispute process in more detail.