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Hi, I live in a 4 bedroom property with thick cavity walls, I am on BT on the Fibre 900 in the UK. My current setup is UDM pro in the lounge connected straight to the ONT. I have 1 U6 Pro in one of the bedrooms on the ceiling and a U6 LR ceiling further ahead in the garage area. I am thinking of moving the UDM Pro to the attic on a rack, it is a bit of a cable mess currently in the lounge. Has anyone else done this? It gets relatively warm-up in the attic as there is a boiler up there. Also, I have still got the BT router if it any use with the UDM Pro, if it can work as an AP as the current setup in the lounge, is a wifi signal bar down as the UDM Pro doesn’t transmit wirelessly. 👍

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