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Engineer scheduled but telephoned to say he couldn't park. Never came.

Broadband outage on 15th November. Reported fault and an engineer was booked for 23rd. He called me that morning to say he couldn't park anywhere and wouldn't be coming because all the spaces are parking permits only. There is a pay as you go bay right by my house. I offered to pay. He said no. Said he would 'monitor' the fault remotely. I've been on the mini hub ever since. I turned my router back on and I do appear to have intermittent service, but this isn't good enough. I've sat on the phone for 20 mins now waiting to talk to someone. No one answers. There's no way of contacting anyone and when I text I get a message to say the fault's already logged.  I've tracked the fault and it's still open, but no one is doing anything. How long do I have to wait in this queue on the phone? And for what purpose? So another engineer will be booked who won't come because he says he has parking issues. No other utility service has issues with parking. I've just had the boiler serviced and they had no problem parking in the pay as you go bay. Not happy as I work from home and having poor broadband is affecting my ability to earn a living.

Update: Just got through on the phone. They've booked another engineer. But I have to wait until 10th December.  That'll five days short of a month with an intermittent broadband service. Not massively happy. No apology offered. Just looked at his notes and apparently the previous engineer said I needed a weekend appointment. I live close to Tottenham Stadium so weekend parking is no better than weekday. Streets are all on permits. The parking bay by my house is the best option, plus the BT green cable box is right there by the bay on the street. Frustrated. I might add, I am still on the phone with them as they have now run off to double check that they can actually send another engineer for the suggested date. It's been 55 minutes so far and counting. 

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Re: Engineer scheduled but telephoned to say he couldn't park. Never came.

That is the best excuse I have heard for dodging work. 

I have notified the moderators of the forum about your problem. Once they have read this they may be able to help. They are very busy at present so it can take up to 24 hours for them to contact you. They will do this by posting on this thread.

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Re: Engineer scheduled but telephoned to say he couldn't park. Never came.

Hi @anjgi, welcome to the forum and thanks for your post. I'm sorry that the engineer refused to visit your property even after you offered to pay for the parking. 

I've sent you a Private Message so you can get in touch with the Mod team and we'll be happy to help you with this.