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Hybrid Connect Issue

Hi. I live in an old barn with very thick walls. I have to use a smart hub with BT Halo 3+ to provide Wi Fi around the house. The smart hub is situated in a downstairs room where the BT main cables come in - unfortunately there is no moble phone signal in this room. As I move the Hybrid Connect device out of this room I can get a one blue bar mobile signal but I then loose the connection with the smart hub. It appears that the Hybrid Connect device does not recieve a signal from a Halo 3+ booster disc - is that correct? Can I plug the device into a booster disc? Is that wise?

At the moment I'm stuck - to get a signal from the smart hub I cannot get a mobile signal - and to get a mobile signal I come out of the room and loose the internet signal. Any advice? Regards, Alec


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