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Re: UFC 287

It’s super disappointing to have the official partner in the UK deliver such a poor experience the last few weeks.

I could forgive this if this was a one off but it’s not the first time this has happened this  year sadly.


have BT put out a statement on this?

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Re: UFC 287

no sign of any official replys here from BT (or on other threads) with same issues. 


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Re: UFC 285 not working :/

A deal that has only just been announced with wwe that is also on BT Sport, seems a stretch to say it's going already when nothings been announced.

Not trying to rub it in but all the complaints seem to be on the app, I've got it recorded to watch, maybe if it's that important look at other solutions rather than relying on an app

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Re: UFC 285 not working :/

Agreed. I'm annoyed I'm paying for a service that is either frequently bugged or is changing how it delivers a sporting broadcast.

They've now uploaded the main event with no card. The straight forward way before worked. Sunday, full card. We are paying customers
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Re: UFC 287

Main event is now up as a separate video in highlight section 

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Re: UFC 285 not working :/

Full card has been taken down this should not be marked as solved

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Re: UFC 287

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Re: BT Sport App Failure Yet Again!

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry if you are having problems accessing the full fight. There’s currently an issue with the UFC Playback service on the BT Sport App and Web Player. We’re fixing it right now and it should be available soon.

Some of you have spotted that we have added the full fight between Pereira and Adesanya since. You can find it within the spoiler free section of our app.

As an avid UFC fan myself, I am deeply sorry that this has happened. We will do all we can to get this sorted.


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UFC 287 Disaster

 So after lasts weeks let down with your failure to deliver the service many people pay for by not showing the main event this week you go one futher and dont show anything but the main event?! The full card is not on there and worst still despite having 'spolier free' ticked on the app I still was shown spoliers when trying to find the main event. Why?


Honest question, does BT think this is a good  experience go UFC fans?  Just look at the image. Who approved that? What a disappointment that a paid service is worse than watching it for free. Do better and please contact me for follow up and refund. 


Kind regards 


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Re: BT Sport App Failure Yet Again!

So... this would be OK however! If you look underneath the izzy pereira fight there is a pretty big spoiler for the masvidal fight!! Absolute shambles!! I am disgusted tbh.. it's one thing not to put the fights up, another entirely to spoil the next biggest fight on the card with your dumb home page..

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