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Thank you to BT Sport team

I understand that tomorrow it will formerly be announced that Discovery will be effectively merging Eurosport and BT Sport. 

I just wanted to say thank you to @DarrenDev and others for their work on App and good luck to everyone across BT Sport during what I'm sure is a stressful period. 

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Re: Thank you to BT Sport team

Here here.

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Re: Thank you to BT Sport team

Thanks, but it doesn't affect us.

Some BT people were TUPEd into Warner Bros Discovery last year (and are now at risk of redundancy). The rest of us were told when we got back from Christmas break that we'd all been moved on to other work with immediate effect.

Officially I now work on BT TV full time - previously I covered both TV and Sport. I'll continue to support BT Sport until it moves over to Discovery+ this summer - at which point they will also be shuffling channels around and renaming them, and BT's involvement with it all ceases. No real news here except what the new channel names will be (which I don't believe is being announced today, despite what the Daily Fail has said ... could be wrong).
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Re: Thank you to BT Sport team

Any chance of a sneak bit of news on the names?

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Re: Thank you to BT Sport team

Good to hear @DarrenDev . 

While I had a few issues with app when watching it via Samsung TV, the App was excellent and a model for others to follow. 

Your replies on here are much appreciated. 

Good luck with BTTV 

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Re: Thank you to BT Sport team

haha nice try @Popeye13_Official but they won't even tell us at the moment. I heard some early suggestions being shared that sounded pretty ridiculous - I'm hoping they didn't use any of those.

Do you have any thoughts?

Something with Warner Bros Discovery, or Discovery+ in it?  "WBD Sports" is a bit of a mouthful.  "D+ Sports" maybe sounds a little too suggestive.  Or maybe they want to bring them all under the "Euro*" branding?

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Re: Thank you to BT Sport team

0ne rumour doing the rounds this morning is TNT Sports 

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Re: Thank you to BT Sport team

Worth a try haha

I was told a while back Discovery Sports or Max Sports were suggested, but don't know if they were serious or not (i used to work in the broadcasting sector before leaving to retrain in the NHS)

Some reckon TNT Sports also, because it was trademarked in December 22; i think its unlikely personally.

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Re: Thank you to BT Sport team

Would be a strange decision to go back to TNT Sports, giving they only just dumped the Turner Sports branding a few months ago ... unless they're trying to bring back a retro vibe.
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Re: Thank you to BT Sport team

It would be more than retro, it would be ancient. 23 years since TNT closed here, it would be some leap.

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