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Re: Full fibre installation

Hate to correct you on this but I know several current and ex OpenReach engineers who have told me that the offer of a drink and a biscuit always puts them in a more agreeable mood when they are on installs.

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Re: Full fibre installation

I don’t believe you for one second that any Openreach Engineer would break Health and Safety Rules and or Quality Rules as their work is subject to Audit, which can lead to Disciplinary for the sake of a cup of tea and some biscuits.

You’re taking nonsense mate.

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Re: Full fibre installation

We will have to agree to disagree on this.

Have a good day

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Re: Full fibre installation

Just had a conversation with an Openreach engineer (friend of a friend) who says they now have a smaller CSP that can be used internally. so cable into second floor and CSP and ONT in second floor office. Hopefully that's the way it will go for me.........

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Re: Full fibre installation

Yeah sure.

Customer: Hi there Mr Openreach Engineer, I’d like you to do the job this way please.

Engineer: Sorry can’t do that, breaks Health and Safety rules and if caught or something goes wrong I could lose my £35,000 a year job that has potential earning of over £45,000 with OT as well a great Pension and other benefits.

Customer: But there’s a chocolate biscuit in it for you, “Weird and Creepy Winky Face”

Engineer: Oh, why didn’t you say, I don’t need potential earnings of over £45k, I can pay my Mortgage and Energy Bills with Chocolate Biscuits.

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Re: Full fibre installation

Those Internal CSP’s are only supposed to be used on Listed Buildings and where it’s not practical to fit an external CSP.

Engineers can’t even book them out at their stores hub, they have to be ordered in from the distribution centre at Magna Park.

I would say there’s at least a 98% chance the Engineer won’t have one on the day. That increases to a 100% chance if they’re a Contractor from Kellys, Quinn’s and or Pickr.

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Re: Full fibre installation

Hi Everyone, I think that this discussion is not making any meaningful progress and turning argumentative. I am therefore locking this thread.