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How to cancel broadband?

Hi All,

I phoned BT and signed up to a 150mb package on the 02/11/22. 

I was told that my services would be running in the 'next few days'.  Shortly after, I received a text saying it would be the 16th of November before I was active. Uhmmm....

Turns out, the broadband installation had been booked for the wrong address. I called immediately to resolve this, and book it for the correct address, but after 5-6 phone calls to BT, I was hung up on around 4 times. The two other calls, I was left on hold for 34 minutes, and 46 minutes respectively. 

I called again today in an attempt to resolve it one last time, and I found that the agent simply couldn't help me move my package to the correct address. I've been told my original account has been cancelled as a result, but I can still see that it's active.

My direct debit has been cancelled, but I can see the original order is still active when I log in. I am not prepared to call anyone else for help with this as it's already wasted several hours of my time over the last few weeks. 

I am wondering if there's anything else I can do to ensure this is not marked against my credit history? I've tried my best to resolve this, and found no help with chat or calls?

Any suggestions?

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