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Line rental saver

Good morning.

I just wondered if there has been changes implemented recently, in reference to the line rental saver. A month ago I received a reminder that my line rental saver was due for renewal on June 7th. I am certain you could previously renew on line, as well as by telephone. But the option to renew on line seems to have disappeared. On ringing the quoted telephone number,  I received a reply from an advisor in Sheffield, that sounded more like a robot from doctor who. So I cleared down, and rang again, this time getting a very pleasant and helpful advisor, from Wigan. When I mentioned about the renewal of the line rental saver, the advisor said that she would have to check with her manager, as there was an understanding line saver was ending. I explained that I had received a reminder to renew the line rental a few weeks previous, from BT. So the advisor asked me to hold , while she checked with her manager. The response came back that, as I was an existing customer on line saver rental,  I could renew the line saver there and then. So if BT have changed the renewal procedure or request for line rental saver, then why has customers not been notified about it. Or is this down to a customers service error, and the advisor had been given wrong information?

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Re: Line rental saver

there are numerous posts about LRS.  there is no separate line rental now as it is all built into the broadband package price.  LRS is misleading and about time BT stopped it's availability

this recent post may help

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Re: Line rental saver

ImJolly Distinguished Sage.

Thank you for your reply. As an ex-BT employee I agree with you in reference to the LSR. The point of including it in the Broadband packages is also confusing for those who decide to have Broadband only, and do away with the land line. Most customers expect their monthly bil,l to be a lot less as they are not paying for the landline. But the cost for Broadband only is almost the same with or without the landline. Also the speeds on offer are slower for the equivalent price, or you can pay more for higher speeds. BT still have to maintain the Fibre cables and equipment, as well as recoup lost income  from call plans , so the future demise of the landline will also add to confusion, just like the LSR. 

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