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Re: Email Issues

Yes, don't use webmail. Use a mail client (app) such as Thunderbird.

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Re: New format keeps moving text when it's being typed

Same for me.

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Re: Email Changes

I have posted before that I get the same problems on BT’s mail app

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emails wont print

So many problems with the new email upgrade ,Try as i may i cant get any of my emails to print ,i have tried various ways around this with no success  ,so frustrating.  Dreading if i get important documents to print off . The facility to block sender on  multiple spam emails has disappeared. The new layout is also terrible  so NOT user friendly   WHAT A SHAMBLES  If your going to upgrade something at least make it BETTER

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Re: Email Changes

I have also just received a regular emailed newsletter, where words are cut in half at the end of many lines. The sender is a professional so I think I can safely assume that the layout looked fine at her end.

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Re: BT E Mail

None of my apps or the web address BT themselves say to use, after I have put my log-in details in, work. The BT server has kicked me out. 
This happened before when there was a server upgrade and took weeks to sort out. 

dreadful service

I’m travelling at present and urgently need my emails and I haven’t hours to waste sorting this. 

BT please advise

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

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Re: I have never had so much porn spam in 20+ years and I HATE as in HATE the new email format.

Where to go quickly and keep the same email address?

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Re: I have never had so much porn spam in 20+ years and I HATE as in HATE the new email format.

@Skellie1 wrote:

Where to go quickly and keep the same email address?

There is nowhere to go quickly to keep the same email address. Email addresses are unique and provided by email suppliers such as BT, gmail Yahoo etc. and they can not be moved between providers.

If you mean what can you do to quickly make your email work the way you want, you should down load and email client/app. An email client/app is a stand alone program that you can use to download and manage your email instead of using a web browser as you do now.

There are many free ones such as Thunderbird or Bluemail.

If you download and install one of these it will more or less set its self up after you enter your email address and password and once set up you use that to access your email account and not a web browser.

If however you are aske to enter server settings they are as per this link.

BT Email server settings | BT Help


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Problems with new BT email system


I appreciate some members may have raised these previously, but here are mine listed together.

*     Worst problem is when composing a new message or a reply. The typing window is just 3 lines deep. Just like trying to type into a letterbox!  I know the window can be deepened by <Ctrl -> but all surroundings then become unreadably small.

*     Just having headlines in bold type is insufficient to identify a new message, for as the type size is so  small, one can easily be disregarded, or even deleted in error.  We need to return to the bold bullet for new messages.

*    A related difficulty is combining new messages with old and giving an announcement of O2, O3 and so on. So easy to ignore, lose, or delete in error.

*    While some users will find the daily message groupings useful, the extra lines use up valuable display space in the window. I know these can be removed temporarily but there needs to be an on/off setting to disable permanently.

Please be kind enough to send to the appropriate developers.



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