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Re: BT E Mail


hope you can help I have a bt email address and can't log in as my old mobile number which bt managed to mess up by not being able to use pac code with new supplier and now my mobile number has gone forever sitting somewhere in bt cloud never to be used again ! Tried to get bt to release this number that I had for 25 years back to me but everyone I speak too says pac code was issued so can't get it. The pac code was never used as it was incorrect ! I need access to my emails but part of my security is a text message to mobile so I need to change mobile numbers. I don't use bt now for anything after loosing my mobile number what a heartache my life was that mobile number everything was attached to it. 3 years on im still trying to access things. I'm hoping some clever kind person who is an expert all things bt can assist me. Here's hoping


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