Ability to add a poll to a thread

Ability to add a poll to a thread

This forums should allow there users to create a poll in the thread. There is many times this would be useful.

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Thanks for the suggestion Daniel. This isn't a current feature. What kind of polls would you like to create? If you have any ideas for polls in the meantime, please let me know. :) Thx Kerry
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I think we'd need to take a vote on this idea! 😉

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It would be useful to have two types of poll.


1. The ability with a single click to indicate on a thread either a) I have this problem too.

or b) I am interested in an answer to this.


2. The ability for suggestions to be put forward on either improvements to the forum or to relevant BT products and services and allow users to vote in favour or against.


With 2. there should be some criteria for removing any suggestion that did not receive sufficient support within a specified timescale.


Suggestions for polls would 1. and 2. above !!