Vote for tethering!

I too was disappointed to find out BT did not offer tethering. Come on BT get out of the dark ages and match EE. 


Please post if if you think BT should allow customers to make there own decision about data usage and cost if they want to tether. Let's try and get it enabled! 


I say switch it on BT 

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You can have my vote, only for the condescending reason BT gave for not allowing tethering.



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You've got my vote too. Cmon BT let us have the option to tether if we want too. Even limiting the usage to 5GB (on the 20GB plan) would be better than nothing. The reason BT have given for not allowing tethering is ridiculous.


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I have moved this post to the ideas bank, where it would be best served.





I think restricted tethering would useful, say 6gb allowance on the 20gb tarif would be useful/fair.


It really does have my vote. BT need to as others say get on and enable this


Why I should be glad that I switched to BT?

Because I probably would have been bamboozled by EE to spend **Edited** a month which means my new iPhone pays for itself in about 15 months, and I save about  **Edited** over the course of the twenty-four months.

However, note 'bamboozled'. Because actually again, it was all too much in haste as there is no London Underground access and no tethering from this SIM.

In fact, I could have got a SIM only from EE taking into account the discount I have as a BT broadband customer.

Now, I wonder if to add insult to injury, this post will be allowed as it mentions a 'competitors' product? That is a competitor wholly owned by BT!

Meanwhile, BT are very happy to give me new terminal adaptors for the broadband (thank you -- you seem good in the hardware department also what with WiFi extenders) but are very reluctant to rationalise their product structure.

Well perhaps good, after all, as all power to EE, I wouldn't want those folk to be 'rationalised'.

This brings me to something else, folk, semi-automated folk and automated call centres.

Are the folk who work for BT and EE good? Yes.

Are the semi-automated folk? Not quite so.

Are websites that don't have contact points? Not really at all, that is obviously when contact needs to be made.

Again, here is something else. I have a phone line that is used almost exclusively by incoming calls that are spam. I also get a ton of these on my mobile.

I have a contact whom I bar called SPAM, with a lot of numbers listed against it.

But, every time I get a mobile spam call, BT send me a text that I have missed a call.

So now the BT texts, that should be useful, are spam texts!


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Went with Three for this reason. Seriously considered BT Mobile otherwise but BT WiFi is not always a viable solution. E.g. on train.
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Tether data seems to be working since the last carrier settings update. Now would like to see wifi calling

I purchased a 20GB a month SIM from BT mobile in January 2016 and immediately found the restriction disallowing tethering unaccaptable and cancelled in the cooling period.  I then took my business (3 SIMs and circa £75 a month) to EE instead.


BT and EE have since merged so hopefully they will enable tethering on the BT (EE) network and I would then reconsider moving over to BT mobile as their packages are cheaper and give more data allowance.


Incidentally, some years ago, I used to be with Tesco Mobile who use the O2 network and they didn't allow tethering initially but did several later.  The change came in an (unannounced) network update to my phone and I only ntoiced it when playing in my iPhone settings.


@GiveMeFive we now support tethering on BT mobile. You can get more info here